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Free Fire’s New Age Campaign will unleash a snowstorm on 17 December

Free Fire’s upcoming New Age campaign will feature a new permanent map, a resource management style activity, a new ranked system for Lone Wolf mode, and multiple rare costumes between 17 December 2021 and 9 January 2022.
New Age will bring new blizzardous content for Free Fire fans and players to enjoy worldwide.

More ways to experience the new map Alpine will be revealed in the coming weeks. 

Garena today announced its upcoming Free Fire campaign, New Age, which will feature a blizzard-themed set to debut on 17 December. In addition to the change in climatic conditions, Free Fire fans and players can anticipate a new map, an exclusive ranked system for the Lone Wolf mode, collectibles, and never before seen in-game events in the upcoming New Age campaign..

New Age: An icy turn of events

Survivors can look forward to being greeted with a blast of cold air as they step into a blizzard-filled set in Free Fire on 17 December!

A catastrophic blizzard has settled in the new map, Alpine, threatening to freeze everything in it to ice. Amidst the chaos, Team Elite made up of Wolfrahh, Misha, and Mr. Waggor, have embarked on a quest to deliver an energy core in hopes of warming up Alpine. An unfortunate turn of events struck when a group of villains stole the energy core, leaving the island and all Survivors stuck in the icy-cold winterland. Now, Survivors are left to protect themselves from the imminent threat and danger that awaits them in the cold while they explore the uncharted territories..

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