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Jan 23 2024 by rishabh raj 10 flavorful chettinad dishes every foodie should try

Musttry chettinad dishes believed to be one of the spiciest cuisines of india chettinad cuisine is known for its rich and aromatic flavors originating from the chettinad region in tamil nadu india the cuisine is native to the chettiar community and uses sundried vegetables and meats to enhance the nutritional value of the dish take a look at the 10 flavourful chettinad dishes every foodie should try istock

​mushroom chettinad​ as the name suggests its a mushroom preparation boldly spiced with freshly ground spices and tamarind coconut and chillies instagramharlenezhealthclinic

​chettinad fish fry​ this popular snack or appetizer is made with surmai fillets marinated and wrapped in an exquisite chettinad masala paste and then panfried istock

​palkatti chettinadu​ its a velvety cottage cheese dish made with a gravy of mustard seeds urad dal curry leaves onions tomatoes and the signature chettinad paste instagramfairfieldwhitefield