10 Rare Animal Species Living In India, Some Of Them Are Only Found Here

10 rare animal species living in india some of them are only found here

Indian rhino also known as the onehorned rhinoceros these giant mammals can be found in west bengal assam

Asiatic lion this magnificent creature is found only in india and mainly resides in gir national park gujarat

Snow leopard these highly adaptable large cat species are super hard to spot and can be found in j and k ladakh among others

Liontailed macaque only found in india this uniquelooking animal can be found in rainforests of western ghats in karnataka kerala and tamil nadu

Great indian bustard native to indian subcontinent this bird species mainly resides in rajasthan gujarat only 200 of them exist according to reports image credit bloomberg

Red panda this cutelooking mammal can be found in sikkim darjeeling among others