10 Ways To Support Your Child In Job Hunt | Times Of India

Jan 23 2024 10 ways to support your child in job hunt aadya jha

​empowering your young adult its an exciting journey to become an adult and as a parent you have a vital role to play in helping your young adult go through the job search process your advice can make a huge difference during the exciting and difficult transition from college to the working world canva

​craft a standout resume lets start by creating a resume that shines highlight their skills experiences and achievements think about those group projects clubs and activities that showcase their commitment and talents an outstanding resume is the first step towards catching the eye of potential employers canva

​mastering job searching beyond the online job boards let them explore other avenues leverage your personal network reach out to alumni associations and attend career fairs job opportunities often hide in unexpected places and you should be there to uncover them canva

​network like a pro tap into your connections to link your young adult with professionals in their field of interest friends colleagues and acquaintances can be invaluable resources for job leads informational interviews mentorship and referrals canva