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Jan 22 2024 by nibedita roy 6 prasads that can be offered to lord rama and their significance

​​prasad recipes that lord rama loves and their significance​ as the nation celebrates the consecration ceremony of ram mandir devotees of lord rama are leaving no stone unturned to express their love and happiness for ram lala by celebrating in their own unique way istock

​​foods that are lord rama’s favorite​ while it is difficult for many people to reach out to the holy land of ayodhya devotees are offering prayers and preparing bhog at home to celebrate the holy event if you too are celebrating the big day by following rituals and offering prasad to lord rama here are some of his most loved prasads and their significance istock

​​kheer​ rice and milk are believed to be god’s most loved foods and are considered pious in hindu culture offering a simple kheer as bhog is believed to be the best prasad to offer to the deity istock

​​boondi ladoo​ ladoo is lord hanuman’s favorite food and offering this sweet treat is believed to please the almighty this classic ladoo recipe is prepared by deepfrying the besan boondis and mixing them with ghee and sugar istock