8 Foods That Can Balance Spices In Curries | Times Of India

Jan 22 2024 by nibedita roy 8 foods that can balance spices in curries

​​8 foods that can fix excessive spices in curries​ balancing spices in curries is no less than an art as striking the right balance of taste and flavour each time may seem like a tricky task however there are times when despite adding the same ingredients the taste and flavour of the curry may vary here are some common kitchen ingredients that can simply fix excessive spices in the curries in just a few minutes istock

​curd​ in indian cuisine curd is a common ingredient in many curries to add a rich taste and texture but you will be amazed to know that adding curd to an extremely spice rich gravy can help in balancing out the spice quotient moreover cooling properties in curd can help counteract with the warm potency of spices and add a soothing element to the dish istock

​​spinach or leafy greens​ add a puree of leafy greens or just add in chopped greens like spinach mustard leaves or fenugreek leaves to reduce the spiciness and also induce more nutrients to the curries istock

​​cashews or almonds​ nuts such as cashews or almonds add a rich and nutty flavor helping to balance the heat of spices they also contribute to the texture of the curry making it more satisfying istock