Dealing With Hair Loss? Add These Foods To Your Diet For Healthy Hair Growth | Times Of India

Jan 22 2024 dealing with hair loss add these foods to your diet for healthy hair growth piyali bhadra

Foods for healthy hair growth incorporating foods rich in protein and filled with nutrients into your diet is an easy and effective way to support the health of your hair and also help in hair growth let’s take a look at some istock

Salmon consumption of fishes like salmon sardines and mackerel helps you protect from various diseases and also helps in hair growth providing a lustrous shine to the end they are packed with omega3 fatty acids and are a good source of protein istock

Greek yogurt packed with protein it helps in building blocks of your locks and helps with blood flow to your scalp and hair growth rich in vitamin b5 it prevents your hair from thinning and loss of hair istock

Spinach dark leafy vegetable spinach is filled with iron beta carotene folate and vitamins a and c these help in maintaining a healthy mane and scalp istock