Doomsday Clock Set At 90 Seconds To Midnight

Doomsday clock set at 90 seconds to midnight image afp

The doomsday clock a symbolic countdown to human extinction has been set at 90 seconds to midnight image xbulletinatomic

The timing of the clock remains the same as last year and the closest it has ever been to midnight in its more than 75year history image thebulletinorg

Doomsday clock moves closer to midnight to reflect manmade global catastrophes and is a symbolic timepiece showing how close the world is to ending image unsplash

Scientists listed several reasons for keeping its hands the closest they have ever been to doomsday image afp

The russiaukraine war and deterioration of nuclear arms reduction agreements were all factors the bulletin of the atomic scientists said image afp

The “horrors of modern war” in israel and gaza also threaten billions of lives image reuters