Kriti Sanon'S Fitness And Workout Plan Revealed Here | Times Of India

Jan 22 2024 kriti sanons fitness and workout plan revealed here piyali bhadra

Kriti sanon’s secret to a toned physique national awardwinning actress kriti sanon is known for her healthy lifestyle and active fitness regime from incorporating planks to treadmills the actress has a unique addition to her workout and diet plan let’s take a look instagram

Unique combination kriti sanon opts for a unique exercise variation that combines the benefits of traditional planks adding the challenge of stability and balance on a moving surface it spices up her core routine and is an everyday must instagram

Dancing workout sessions not toned abs or muscle but dancing sessions are kriti sanon’s favorite exercise she has added dancing workout sessions 23 times a week she is also a trained kathak dancer but prefers jazz and freestyle or zumba during her sessions instagram

Indoor training with the actress traveling around because of her work the actress never stops her workout sessions and keeps on with her trainers inside her vanity taking up new fitness challenges instagram