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Jan 22 2024 lines from ramcharitmanas to prevent disease and distress smita mishra

Seek the blessings of the god for several followers of hinduism there is no god superior to lord ram a central figure in hinduism is revered as the seventh avatar of lord vishnu chanting these lines from ramcharitmanas can help in preventing diseases and distress getty images

Chant these lines from ramcharitmanas​ ramcharitmanas is a hindu epic poem composed by the 16thcentury indian poetsaint goswami tulsidas in awadhi language getty images

​दीन दयालु विरद संभारी।​हरहु नाथ मम संकट भारी।।​ these lines are a prayer or plea to lord rama asking the compassionate and valiant lord to alleviate or remove the heavy burdens and troubles faced by the devotee the devotee seeks the support and intervention of lord rama addressing him with attributes of compassion and valor getty images

​कवन सो काज कठिन जग माही।​जो नहीं होइ तात तुम पाहीं।।​ the lines express the idea that among all difficult tasks in the world those that cannot be accomplished by others can be achieved by the grace of lord rama the verse highlights the belief in seeking divine help and guidance in the face of challenging endeavors getty images