Why Jujube Fruit (Ber) Is A Winter Must-Have | Times Of India

Jan 22 2024 by rishabh raj why jujube fruit ber is a winter musthave

Benefits of jujube or ber jujube or ber is a seasonal fruit loaded with benefits resembling a date in appearance the fruit is also known as red date indian date korean date and chinese date around the world and is cultivated mainly in south asia here are a few benefits of eating this fruit istock

​better sleep​ ber were traditionally used in chinese medicine to treat sleep insomnia both the frutis and the seeds are rich in flavonoids—saponins and polysaccharides—that help promote sleep istock

​chronic constipation relief​ ber is rich in fiber that helps regulate bowel movements and digestion and provides relief from constipation istock

​soothes anxiety​ jujube has been proven to have calming effects on the brain and nervous system it helps relieve anxiety as well istock